Kiki Amaruly

Kiki Amaruly is a Senior Associate of MUC Attorney at Law. The holder of Master of Law and Bachelor of Law of Universitas Indonesia has a deep understanding related to commercial law, provision of domestic and foreign investment, contract arrangement, company restructuring, labour law, and manpower. The professional who has years of experience as a legal consultant has held an advocate profession certiļ¬cate of PERADI.

Kiki is also registered as an active member of the Association of Intellectual Property Rights Consultants (AKHKI), a professional organization for intellectual property rights consultants registered in Indonesia, and has experience as an intellectual property consultant.

With her educational background and experiences, Kiki is repeatedly called as a presenter in numerous discussion forums and seminars related to business law, trademark, and intellectual property law.

Hubungi Kami

MUC Building, 3rd Floor
Jl TB Simatupang 15
Tanjung Barat
T. 021 788 37 111
F. 021 788 37 666

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